Boss Gave Employee a Victoria Secret Gift Card and Chocolates For Valentine’s Day. ~ CASH {Read}

Is it ok to gift an employee a Victoria’s Secret gift card and chocolates? Oh, and the gift card was a $100 gift card.

Well, that’s what happened and now we’re trying to determine if it was out of bounds or not. Have a look.

Hey, Cash & Carly!

My boss bought me a questionable Valentine’s Day present and my husband insists I return it in protest. He got me a giant box of chocolates and a $100 gift card to Victoria’s Secret. My husband thinks it is completely inappropriate and insists that I need to return it to him to sen him a message. I think that is a little much. He did point out that no other employee got more than a card and a small box of chocolates But none of them are his personal assistant. What do you think?

Was her boss out of line?

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