Waiter Falls Carrying Four Plates, Doesn’t Drop A Single Plate! ~ CASH {Video}

Let’s hear it for this guy! It’s not very often you see guys or gals save the day like this cat in England did. It’s usually followed by a giant crash and then a round of applause. Not this guy, he didn’t drop a single plate.

Jamie Shoebridge is the guy’s name and he said, “One minute I’m walking with four plates, the next thing I know, I’m on the ground.” Jamie has become somewhat of an internet sensation with over 1.5 million views so far.

10’s across the board for this guy. For all of us who have worked in food service, allow me to tip my hat to you, it’s a tough gig. There’s definitely a lot to learn to master the craft. I remember back in 2004, I tried being a server at one of these chain restaurants. It only lasted about 2 weeks because I couldn’t memorize the whole menu. I’m still upset about that, being fired for not memorizing the menu. I still think all those other servers were out to get me. What can you do?