Snowboarder Has No Idea She’s Being Chased By Hungry Bear. ~ Cash {Video}

Hold on one second. This is crazy!

I’ve seen plenty of these videos where someone is being chased by some man-eating creature and they somehow always seem to get away. Kind of like the old school coyote and roadrunner cartoons. However, the roadrunner knows the coyote was trying to eat her. She was a girl, right? Poor coyote, I was always rooting for him to win.

Do you remember the video of the guy mountain bike riding in the mountains and out of nowhere a giant bear came out of the woods and started to chase him – because a human is a fine meal for a bear? I don’t think I ever read anything that denied or confirmed the video, but it was pretty cool.

Then, there’s this one. A friend of mine shared this on social media and I just don’t know. Apparently, the girl snowboarder was jamming out so hard that she was completely distracted. Thank goodness!  If it is true, can you imagine getting back home or your hotel, watching the video only to discover that you were almost lunch for a giant bear? Yikes!

You be the judge, is it real, yes or no?