A Florida Georgia Line and Carrie Underwood Collab? The Guys Are Begging Carrie To Make It Happen {WATCH}

The FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE guys posted a video on Instagram asking Carrie Underwood to duet with them on a new song they just wrote saying:

“We’d really love for Carrie Underwood to hear this song. We think it’d be a massive collaboration, we’d love to send it to you…et us know if you want it, we’re going to send it your way. Let’s go Carrie!”

They even included a little clip with the lyrics, “Man it feels good just ridin’ around/ All around you and the windows down/Feels good, feels good/Good to love you baby/And yeah it’s like heaven having you to hold/My sweet ice tea, my little country gold.”

Tyler said they don’t have Carrie’s number or email…surely they know people who know people right??

Hopefully she sees this.