‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ Takes Over Chrysler Hall! ~ CASH {Pic}

Lights, camera, action!

“The Play That Goes Wrong” has taken over Chrysler Hall through March, 8th and you should really try to make it out to watch one of the performances.

I tend to reference my wife when it comes to watching theater. You know, the basics, what’s this show about, how long does it last, will they have concessions available? Like I said, the important questions. I’m all about going to a show, it’s just my knowledge regarding shows, is very limited. The only thing we knew about this show was that it ran for a couple of hours, including the intermission, and was a play. No music, no singing, no dancing, just actors up there doing their thing.

What a great show! This reminds me of a Mel Brooks comedy. The premise is that a group of people has gathered to put on a show, just for you. It’s a wonderful ‘whodunit’ throwback to the good old days. The company, putting on the production has a very limited budget and tries using every resource they have to pull off their live performances. As you can tell with the title of the show, they run into a ton of problems.

I mentioned Mel Brooks, but think ‘Clue’ and ‘The Money Pit.’ If you’re familiar with those two movies, that’s the best way for me to describe what I saw at Chrysler Hall on Tuesday night. It was absolutely nuts! It’s a murder mystery in a giant house that’s falling apart where everyone is a suspect. The stagehands play a key factor in producing laughs and accomodating the actors and actresses on stage putting on the show.

I don’t know what to say about this show other than it was awesome! It’s like something you would see late at night in a run-down theater somewhere in New York. The ambiance I got was that this was a show that wasn’t supposed to be successful and funny but it really is. You know, the shows that critics bash and come to find out it’s the breakthrough show of the year.

Everything about this show was fantastic! This could be a show to take the person in your life who isn’t crazy about theater. You’ll win them over with this one. “The Play That Goes Wrong” gets a perfect score from me, 5 out of 5 bags of popcorn. The cast was great, the tempo keeps you engaged, the set was awesome, and the laughs kept coming all night long.

If you get a chance, go and watch, “The Play That Goes Wrong” at Chrysler Hall through March 8th. Bravo! Grab tickets here.