People Are Debating This Viral Reddit Thread About Eating a Burger Layer-by-Layer {PIC}

Give me a burger that looks like this (thin and greasy) and I can go without condiment…….any place , any time….


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But now there is this crazy trend going viral that people are eating these ginormous burgers ONE LAYER AT A TIME.

A Reddit user shared a picture of his brother eating the top layer of the burger with the remaining burger still untouched. He had the first layer of the bun first rather than how it is usually eaten, that is, in a bite with all the layers together. This viral picture became the subject of much discussion on the website.

Take a look:

My little brother eats a burger layer by layer from r/mildlyinfuriating

The thread got more than two thousand comments on the platform.

One user made a good point saying, “Your brother doesn’t realize that the burger is settling upside down in the stomach. Ask him to eat the bottom layer first.”

A Reddit user saw the bright side of things as he commented, “Still not as bad as people who peel the skin off chicken nuggets.”



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My personal favorite way (early in life) was to eat a burger like a reeses , all the way around and around until I had a tiny one……YEP! Same with the burgers in my life……not now, but if you ever choose to play with your food, it’s an easy way to do it :)…….
Hmmmm….now what for lunch…..