Robert Pattinson’s New Batmobile Has Been Revealed. ~ CASH {Pics}

Director Matt Reeves is slowly beginning to reveal his vision for Robert Pattinson’s new Batman concept. First, we saw the bat-suit, which I really liked. Come to find out, talking with someone who is more connected to these issues, the gun that was used to kill his parents is what makes up the bat symbol on Robert Pattinson’s bat suit. If that’s true, what an angle to take!

Now, we get to see Reeves take on the Batmobile. It looks like a jacked-up muscle car.

In terms of when this story is taking place, think somewhere between Michael Keaton’s first Batman and Batman Returns, Michael Keaton’s second and final Batman. By the looks of it, this is where Matt Reeves Batman has landed.

Regardless, I can’t wait! Check out the new Batmobile!