Carrie Underwood Hits Back at Instagram Troll For “Hideous Comment”

Carrie Underwood has been making the talk show rounds to promote her new book.

She appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and shared a photo from the taping.

Instagram user @coltonsuran commented on the photo saying he thought she was wearing “hideous heels.”

Carrie then hit back with an epic response.

“Hideous comment,” she bluntly replied.

Her clapback has received more than 3,200 likes, while hundreds of fans showed their support for her response and called out the troll for their mean message.

Carrie was also on the Rachel Ray show to discuss her book and of course, did a little cooking.

I saw so many headlines making a big deal about “The One Thing Carrie Underwood Says She Won’t Cook For Her Husband.”  Um ok is this really a headline worthy?  A wife not cooking something for her husband?

The story behind the click bait is she simply doesn’t cook meat since she’s a vegetarian.

“I’m not a good meat cooker because I’m not a meat eater. So I will do all the veggies and all the sides, and if he wants meat, he’s gonna have to make that himself.”

It’s the same in my house.  I’m a vegetarian and my husband isn’t so if he wants meat, he says “I’m a grown man and can cook it myself.”

Watch Carrie cook a vegetarian quiche and talk about her “happy chickens.”