Guy Forgot To Renew Auto Registration….For 23 Years!

I know I put stuff off for a long time. Like…cleaning closets, the garage…you know, stuff like that. But auto registration? How did this guy not get caught until now? I would have been pulled over, pulled over again and again and again, shamed on social media AND by my kids. I’d never forget THAT anyway. There’s this thing called the US Mail and personal property taxes that won’t leave you alone about it.

ANYWAY, Slidell Police Department in Louisiana posted a pic of a license plate that expired in 1997! I can see letting it slide for a year, but 23? That’s ART, y’all! 😂
Fortunately, the man wasn’t a jerk about it. He was very apologetic! Says he’s been busy lately and just plum forgot. Okay.

Wonder if he ever got those plates renewed? To be continued….maybe – KW