Dierks Bentley Pays Employees Amid Coronavirus Outbreak. ~ CASH {Pic}

What an awesome guy.

It seems to be the trend in Nashville. If you own a bar, pay your employees regardless of the coronavirus outbreak. That’s exactly what Dierks Bentley did.

Dierks “Whiskey Row” bar in Nashville is shutting down for a while and that means the 90 employees will go without. Dierks said in his tweet that he remembers like it was yesterday playing for tips in Nashville’s lower broadway. In order to do his part to curve the coronavirus, the bar will be shut down. That’s isn’t before Dierks Bentley is going to give his 90 employees a thousand dollars apiece.

Dierks Bentley encouraged other bar owners to do the same.

Earlier in the week, bars in Nashville were ordered to close to help curb the coronavirus outbreak.