This Country Star Says He Doesn’t Need Toilet Paper Because He Never Uses It…Here’s Why {VIDEO}

Everyone is desperate for some toilet paper right now…everyone that is except for Mitchell Tenpenny. The “Drunk Me” singer revealed in an Instagram story that he has no need for it.

A fan asked during an Instagram live “How many rolls of TP do you have left?” and he replied “I have tons of tp because I don’t use it. I use a bidet. It is the greatest thing ever.”

He went on to say it was gag gift from his manager but now he loves it and encouraged his fans to get one too.

His mom watching the Instagram live and advised him not to answer the question but he’s probably glad he did.  A bidet company reached out offering him some free ones to give away to fans.  So there you go, now you know who to ask for toilet paper, Mitchell Tenpenny has extra he doesn’t need.


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