Sew Masks for Local Hospitals with Free Kits From Joann Fabric

JOANN stores announced they’re making that effort even easier by providing free mask-making kits you can pick up curbside.

JOANN has coordinated with doctors and medical professionals to make sure the kits only include materials accepted by hospitals, so all you have to do is sew them together. No shopping, cutting, or prepping patterns required; you don’t even have to wash the fabric before you begin, since the prep work has all been done for you. All 860 stores across the country are participating, and a JOANN representative told us you don’t need to reserve kits ahead of time. They’re offering curbside pickup for the masks.

Once you’ve picked up the materials, take them home and sew the patterns together: The JOANN site has a helpful how-to video to walk you through the process. When you’ve sewn all your masks, drive back to the store, drop them off (you don’t ever have to get out of your car!), and JOANN will donate the masks to a local hospital or clinic in need.