Caylee Hammack’s Band Has Gone from Playing Shows to Mowing Lawns

Caylee Hammack and her band were set to open on REBA’s 2020 Tour, but when that got postponed they were staring at over two months of zero income.

Caylee said, “Not only was I out of work, but my crew and band members were out of work.”

So plan B…they started the Family Tree Lawncare Service in honor of Caylee’s song, “Family Tree”.

Only problem is they owned musical instruments . . . but were a little short on lawn care equipment. So they put they word out and got an “overwhelming” response.


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Hey everyone. As you know, all our tours, shows, and events have been postponed in the music industry because of the coronavirus. Few outside of the music industry know how badly this has affected so many in our profession. The only way we make money is by performing for large crowds, see the issue? As I worried about my own situation over the weekend, I worried about my team too. The guys who have dedicated their hearts and time into making music with me are a vital part of my family. And family looks out for each other. These smart cats ( @lanceherring & @thebradengriffith ) have created #familytreelawncareco for the time being: affordable lawn care for anyone in the Nashville area, curated by folks in the music industry needing to make ends meet. The guys are getting this off the ground as I type this and I hope you are willing to help me help them by hiring these talented folks. I am so proud to know these men. Also, our bass player @jessgrommet is producing out dope demos for anyone in town needing his expertise. So if you need your lawn cut, tree limbs hauled off, or a demo made, please let us know♥️🌼 Nashville is family. Natural disasters and sickness cannot defeat this family.

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Things are going so well they may keep it up and running after they’re back on tour.

“[We’re] hoping to donate money one day to other musicians that are out of jobs . . . and just trying to get through like us.”

Until then, we’ll be singing “Family Tree” every time we mow our lawns during isolation.