Classic G.I. Joe Episodes Are Free On YouTube During Self Quarantine. ~ CASH {Watch}

There go my weekend plans.

Growing up in the late 80s and 90s, my brother and I had a pretty mean collection of G.I. Joe’s. We had this crazy contraption that was a Cobra home base. It was massive and it was awesome and we played with it every day for months and months. I would do anything to have those awesome toys back.

I’m constantly looking back at my childhood and thinking about all the awesome things we had to play with. And, I’m constantly trying to get my kids hooked on the cool things that I was into. So far, I’ve failed at convincing them. Until now…

With the Coronavirus pandemic taking over everything, it’s nice to see companies coming up with cool ways to keep us occupied while we quarantine ourselves. This might be the coolest yet. Is coolest a word?

Hasbro, the maker of “G.I. Joe” has made 15 episodes available on YouTube to watch right now. The original series ran from 1983-1986 and 95 episodes were produced to air. Now, you can relive your childhood with your own children. Let’s see how many of our kids will actually sit through an entire episode.

Here’s one of the episodes available to watch.