Adam Sandler Debuts His “Quarantine Song.” ~ CASH {Watch}

In times like these, we need fun and humor. Adam Sandler to the rescue!

Adam Sandler debuts his “Quarantine Song” on Jimmy Fallon Show.

It’s weird to see the different show hosts hosting their gigs from their homes. I saw a show filmed lived from someone’s backyard this past weekend. Thank goodness for technology.

Adam Sandler has reinvented himself. For a minute, I didn’t know which direction his career was taking him. Then, out of nowhere, he hosts SNL and makes “Uncut Gems.” A film where many thought he was snubbed from an Academy Award Nomination.

Now, out of nowhere, when things are looking dark and grey, Sandler comes out with his brand new “Quarantine Song.” This song reminds me of his glory days on SNL back in the early nineties. The song honors all of the heroes keeping America running during the pandemic. My favorite line is when Adam sings about missing his mailman.

Check it out.