Matthew McConaughey Plays Virtual Bingo With Seniors! ~ CASH {Watch}

Alright, alright, alright!

Does it get any better than playing BINGO? Back where I come from, folks would go to the BINGO Hall during lunch and if you were lucky, you would come back $500 richer! Where’s the closest 24-hour Bingo Hall?

Is there anything McConaughey can’t do. First, he’s firing up the University of Texas football team before a big game. Now, he’s hanging with some seniors playing bingo.

True story here. I got into some trouble growing up and I had to work some community service. My mother thought it would be good for me to volunteer my time at the local senior center. My thoughts were that I would be playing dominos all day long and reading out bingo numbers. Boy, was I wrong! I was peeling potatoes, onions, everything that made you cry. However, I had some of the greatest conversations ever.

Then there’s this. McConaughey doing what he does best, making people smile at The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living Center. Check out the video below.