8 Creative Ways to Help the Easter Bunny Fill Those Baskets This Year~Carly! {PIC}

Due to the coronavirus, Easter will very likely look a lot different for many families this year — whether it’s getting together with family or how the Easter Bunny fills those baskets.

With supplies becoming tough to find and social distancing practices in place, it’s a good idea to make your Easter basket list and get creative in your shopping. Here are some basket ideas to help you build your lists and help your kids make the most out of their time while social distancing.

1. Summer fun. If you’re looking for a way to get your kids excited about summer — while understanding it may be spent in the backyard — then fill their Easter baskets with some of these fun options: Flip flops, sunglasses, a swim suit, a sprinkler activity, sun screen, a beach towel and a beach bag, which you can use in place of a basket.

2. Movie night. This is something fun the whole family can do together as they practice safe social distancing summer. Your movie night basket can include a movie (one per kiddo), cozy pants or comfy pajamas, movie snacks (like popcorn, candy and drinks), a blanket or an iTunes card to download or rent a movie online.

3. Superheroes. Have a child who dreams of being Iron Man, Superman, Captain Marvel or Super Woman? Give them this powerful superhero-themed basket and let their imaginations run wild. Fill it with things like comic books, an action figure, superhero play sets from Lego, a create-your-own comic book kit, a superhero visual dictionary or a superhero movie.

4. Brain games. Have a child who loves brain exercises, games and puzzles? Here are some ideas to keep them plenty busy while we’re at home: Rory’s Story Cubes, an LED book light, books, crossword or Sudoku puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, card games like UNO or Skip Bo or, finally, Legos.

5. At-home spa day. If your child loves style and glamour, then they’re sure to love a basket full of fresh fashion ideas. Some fun items include hair accessories, hair chalk, a jewelry maker, nail polish, a bath bomb kit, slippers or a age-appropriate magazine.

6. Electronic entertainment. Although I don’t always advocate electronics, desperate times call for desperate measures. These e-options are sure to keep them busy and preoccupied for a while. Your basket could include a new video game for the console you own, a subscription to Disney+ or a gift or iTunes card.

7. Artist. Do you have a budding artist in your home? Help them occupy their time with a basket full of art supplies. Make sure to include crayons, color pencils, markers, watercolor paint, decorative scissors, glitter or gel pens, paper, clay, stickers or sticker books or the book “642 Things to Draw: Young Artist’s Edition.”

8. Outdoor activities. If you’d like to get the kiddos outdoors, get them an Easter basket full of goodies for the fresh air. You can include a baseball, soccer ball, sidewalk chalk, kid-friendly gardening tools, a jump rope or bubbles.

Hopefully these ideas will help you — and your hopping friend — fill those baskets this Easter.