93-Year-Old Woman Goes Viral for ‘Need More Beer’ Sign During Quarantine. ~ CASH {Watch}

Listen, when you’re 93-years-old, you should be able to do pretty much whatever you want. For example, if you’re trying to stay away from folks during the coronavirus pandemic and you run out of beer, you should have someone bring you some. Especially if you’re 93-years-old.

My great-grandmother lived well into her 90s and whenever she would come to visit us during the holidays, she liked to slam out some beers. Not even kidding, I’ve seen it! Again, she was in her 90s she can do whatever she wants.

Olive Veronesi, from Pittsburgh, with a beer in hand, went viral with her “Need More Beer” sign she displayed through her living room window.

Olive told a local news station that she drinks a beer every night before she calls it a day. Can you blame the woman? With things the way they are, I’m surprised she’s not slamming out more a night. Check out the full story below.