Garth Brooks Has Been Going to the Grocery Store, and He Loves It {WATCH}

Can you imagine walking into the grocery store and seeing Garth Brooks?

You might if you’re in the superstar’s neighborhood.  Garth revealed to fans that he has been doing the family grocery shopping during quarantine.  He even follows the social distancing rules of NOT crossing to the other side of the aisle . . . and keeping a proper distance at the checkout lane.

He talked about it on Monday’ episode of “Inside Studio G” telling fans:

“I can’t tell you how much I love going to the grocery store.  Now they have aisles that go one way, and X’s on other [aisles] so people don’t have to cross each other.  They have the lines, of course, at the checkout.  Everybody’s so sweet. They have stickers there saying, ‘Don’t take two or more of this.’  Just beautiful stuff.  And everybody’s being really sweet.  Lucky to live in the neighborhood we are, but I have a feeling there are a lot of neighborhoods like this all over the U.S.”

Skip to 0:56 for the grocery store stuff.