People Are Walking Non-Traditional Animals To Get Out of the House. ~ CASH {Watch}

At the radio station that I used to work at in Texas, there was an apartment complex located behind us, kind of sketchy and scary-looking place. You know, the place that had the cops called on pretty often. Yeah, that place. The living conditions weren’t even part of the story, I’ve lived in worse! However, there was a lady that I would see in the evening walking her cat. I’ve gotta tell you, the cat didn’t look too excited to be out walking.

I mean, are cats animals that you can walk? I mean, I guess they could be, right? What about other animals? I’ve told you about the guy that I used to see after I would pick my daughter up from daycare, you know the guy walking his dog while his Perrot is chilling out on his shoulder. Now that’s a good look!

What about this here? What is that, a chicken? I think it is. I guess if you can get the harness around the body, why not? When I first saw this video, I was hoping it was a pet duck. Now, that’s a good look.

This happened in Spain where their stay-at-home orders are more strict than ours has been. There have been stories of people being caught walking their goldfish.

Check out the video below.