Mom’s Amazing Diaper Changing Hack Will Keep Your Baby Still [VIDEO]~Carly!

Say what you will about them but hacks have changed lives. Hacks are simple, tiny changes that we can make to our everyday lives but the effects can have long-lasting positive results. Sometimes, the trick to the helpful life hack is so simple that it seems as though it’s been hiding in plain sight for years! That’s likely how mom and TikTok user Erin Bies felt when she watched fellow mom and TikTok user Norma Alejandre’s video about a genius diaper-changing hack.

Be glad this isn’t you, or maybe you’d love this?

Think about what makes changing a baby’s diaper so difficult? The nature of the task is such that you’d like to get it done and over with as soon as possible but with a wriggling, squirming baby who is battling you with his or her arms flailing all over the place as you’re going about your business, it can sometimes make the job take twice as long.