‘Murder Hornet’ is No Match for Coyote Peterson. ~ CASH {Watch}

This guy must be out of his mind!

Coyote Peterson is a mad man! A mad man who has really found an entertaining, yet, painful way to educate folks on stings and bites and all things we have nightmares about.

With the recent news of the Murder Hornet making its way to America, I thought I would introduce you to a guy who’s been there, done that.

Coyote Peterson is a film grad student out of Ohio who after college, decided to let things sting him for a living. It’s really worked out well. The guy’s all over the place. He travels all over the world to get stung by horrific insects and reptiles. Then, he gives you an idea of the pain based on a sting/bite scale that he’s made. He’s crazy, but it’s really entertaining.

I had an opportunity to interview this guy some years back when he was first starting out and things have gone crazy ever since. I”ve seen him make late-night show appearances, daytime tv appearances, and more. He’s got a whole series you can find on his YouTube channel called, “Brave Wilderness.”

In the meantime, watch this guy get stung by a Murder Hornet.