Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Just Bought A Really Expensive House in Encino, California. ~ CASH {Pics}

It’s official!

You’re not really a couple until you buy a $13.2 million dollar estate in California. It’s the same as changing your Facebook status, ok???

I wonder how house hunting works for rich people. Do they ever say they have a budget? Or, are they just like, show me what you got? Is there a list of things that must come with every celebrity purchase? You know, tv’s in every room, underground bunker, secret stash room in the attic, things like that. Seriously, this thing is unreal. To check out the spread, click here.

I mean, c’mon, it’s only 13,000 square feet! My grandparents on my Dad’s side had the biggest house growing up. I’m talking, we used to play football in the hallway it’s this big. Nothing in comparison to Blake and Gwen’s house. Maybe, this is their way of rewarding themselves for scoring a number 1 in country radio.

Whatever the reason, love, marriage, who knows? It looks like a nice place to quarantine.