Are You Part Of These States That May Already Be Doomed for a Second Lockdown~Carly!

Central City Kentucky…..


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Looks like a ghost town right now…..

Amarillo Texas



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As of Tuesday afternoon, Georgia had 34,002 confirmed cases and 1,444 deaths.


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“If spread is increasing back to the levels at the beginning of the outbreak,” Handel added, “in a worst-case scenario we could see around 5 million infections and 50,000 deaths in Georgia.”


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Entire countries have already been forced to lock down a second time, like Lebanon announced it would on Wednesday, after case numbers jumped from 750 on May 5 to 870 on Tuesday. Meanwhile, more than four in five Americans have said they are concerned or afraid of a potential second wave of cases.

According to documents obtained by NBC News from a May 7 White House coronavirus task force report, infection rates in several states had spiked by 72.4 percent or more in a single week.
The simple takeaway here, he explained, is that social distancing in these settings hasn’t been working well enough even under restrictions—people have not standing far enough apart or engaging in other cautious behavior with sufficient care to prevent infection. The week during a five-week period. The insights, according to Google, are based on data from users who have opted in to Location History.

Are you dong your part?