Lady Finds Something Really Weird in the Pocket of Her New $120 Jeans! ~ CASH {Pic}

We’ll give you the jeans for $120, and we’ll bonus you one used pair of what!?!?!?

You know, if this were some guy that this happened to, the post would probably go viral and the guy would be looked at as a winner for that one day. Not that the lady looks bad by any stretch, I think we would all be a little weirded out to find a used thong in the pocket of your new $120 jeans. Speaking of which, jeans for $120???

When Christie Evans bought her jeans from Nordstrom, I don’t think she was expecting to have anything in the pockets. Unless, it was one of those inspected by number 22 stickers, or maybe a packet of silica or two.

Christie took her frustrations to Twitter. Check it out below.