Furry Friday: Coconut Needs a Fur-Ever Home {PICS and VIDEO}

Coconut is up for adoption at Norfolk SPCA Adoption Center & Veterinary Clinics. She is a friendly 7 month old who would be great in any family. She does well with other cats, dogs, kids and anyone who will give her some scratches!

Norfolk SPCA is open daily for adoptions from 1-4:30pm.

They are offering a “Double The Love” adoption special for families to adopt two felines for the price of one! This can go towards kittens, juveniles, and adults cats.

Adopting two cats together will benefit their lives in so many way! For example, it provides a built-in playmate. This lets kittens play together, stay occupied, and burn off their extra energy. Having a positive outlet like a partner in crime can help prevent destructive behaviors like scratching furniture. Moving into a new home can be frightening for cats at any age, and have a friend will bring reassurance and increase confidence. Another benefit is cats are social animals and learn really well from each other, social cues and natural behaviors their human owners may not be able to teach. At the end of the day, adopting two cats means doubling the lives being saved, and could be a great opportunity for families.

Check out https://norfolkspca.com/adoptable-pets/ and see all of the Adoptable Animals! Contact Rebecca, Adoption Specialist, at [email protected] to answer any questions regarding our Adoptable Animals, or for more information on our Adoption Process.