Corn on the Cob Pringles and Deli Sandwich Flavored Potato Chips Exist! Would You Try These? {PICS}

With more of us choosing to stay home and hang out in our own backyards, two potato chip flavors have debuted that may be amazing or awful for your summer cook-outs.

Whole Foods is offering a potato chip that tastes like a whole sandwich!  While only pastrami is pictured apparently is comes in Italian hoagie and Cuban press flavors as well.


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If you like to have a little corn on the cob as a side at your summer cook-outs then how about these new Pringles Corn on the Cob chips?

The chips incorporate the flavors of sweet and salty fresh corn, cooked corn, and creamy butter.


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The new Pringles Sweet Corn is a limited-edition flavor that’s exclusively available at Walgreens. It’ll only be around while supplies last, so grab a tube or two (or seven) to last the summer.