TikTok Users Learn that Dishwashers Have Filters

I don’t consider myself a dummy by any means. Also, I don’t have a dishwasher because I prefer to wash by hand. ANYWAY, not saying I didn’t used to have a dishwasher. AND, I’ve never cleaned a dishwasher filter. Let’s just say that this whole thing comes as a surprise to me. Also, if I ever decide to have a dishwasher, I will make this priority.

People on TikTok have introduced us to the DIRTY DISHWASHER FILTER! That’s right. People are pulling the filters out of their appliances and showing us just how gunky and gross they are!

Here. Take a look!


Are you cleaning your dishwashers filter regularly? ##inspectormurph ##homeowner ##homeinspector ##realtor ##covid_19

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So…if you haven’t already, go home and clean your dishwasher filter or just replace it. I may just stick with handwashing my dishes. I dunno. – KW