12-Year-Old Plays it Cool Despite Giant Bear Following Him. ~ CASH {Watch}

Yo! Hey, there’s a giant bear following you. Hey! Do you see it?

Can you imagine this? Man, this little kid has nerves of steel.

I used to work as a bellman at this spot called ‘The Lodge in Cloudcroft.‘ It was a nice spot tucked away in the mountains in southern New Mexico and every Texan that lived close to the Texas/New Mexico border would drive up all the time. These Texans wanted to see wildlife and I always thought one of them would get eaten by a bear. They would walk right up to the thing like it’s a dog or something.

Anyway, these bears would roll through, eat a bunch of trash, then move on with their day. I mean, I guess he could have been thinking about eating him. I hope not.

The Dad in this video keeps giving the kid instructions on what to do. It’s crazy! I suppose it kept the kid cool during what could have been, a terrifying experience. Instead, the kid is now a legend who outsmarted the bear.

Hey, remember that time that giant bear was chasing you. “Yeah, I do,” says the kid. Awesome!