Facebook’s New Feature Will Help You Erase Your Embarrassing First Posts

Have you have ever pulled up a Facebook memory just to cringe at the stuff you posted early on?

Case in point: I definitely should NOT have admitted to this.

Or this.

Well, good news…Facebook is here to help!

They have introduced an easy new way to get rid of those bad old posts. The new feature called “manage activity,” that will allow you to “curate” your Facebook presence “to more accurately reflect who you are today.”

You will be able to find and manage posts in bulk, with filters that let them find posts from certain date ranges or that mention certain people. For now, you will only be able to do this in the Facebook app but there will be a web version “in the future.”

It might not be a bad idea to look through all of your old posts before applying for a job as well.

(PS. Honestly, I would probably still share those posts today because I have no shame.)

Via Vox.com