America’s Favorite Favorite Food Chains Has it All Wrong! ~ CASH {Pic}

Hold up, this thing is crazy!

I already call foul on the “list.” Why, you ask? Take a look at New Mexico. See what it says, “Hardee’s?” There are a couple of “Hardee’s” but mostly, we roll with “Carl’s Jr.” Which is weird because it’s the same restaurant. They made the same restaurant and gave them different names to fool us. Reminds me of “Coming to America.” Welcome to, “McDowells.” Also, note the awkward “Tim Horton’s” restaurant in Oklahoma. Nope, it’s not there.

Then we come to Virginia. Looks like everyone loves McD’s. Again, I’ve been here for a year now and don’t think McDonald’s would be the Hampton Roads favorite. If it isn’t, who is?

While you’re thinking about it, take a look at the viral post below.