Is This You and Your Mate~Carly! Who Does This, Oh, Me I do!

6 Thoughts Every Couple Has After They Impulsively Block Each Other After a Fight
If you’re reading this then you too have committed the same mistake every millennial couple has.

You’re hasty, impulsive, and negatively passionate in your relationship. Both you and your partner have committed an act straight out of the book of ‘Toxic Relationship Traits’. But we’re here to offer you some help.

So we give you a list of relatable feelings everyone in your shoes has gone through to make your regret less painful:

1. I am giving them 3 days time to contact me before I contact them
Giving ultimatums to your partner in your head without communicating it is as absurd as expecting to receive an Amazon package you never ordered. If you don’t want to contact them yourself, don’t add to your problems by thinking that you could pin the entire problem on your partner just because they didn’t put their ego aside first.

2. Does this mean they have broken up with me?
Did they say they are breaking up with you? Or did you say that you are breaking up with them? See, if you think your partner can ghost you then you should be worried, or else just consider this an indefinitely long break, until you speak again.

3. What if they are taking it as a break and cheat on me?
One, yes this is a break, and two, cheating doesn’t wait for a break. If you’re insecure about your partner hoeing around, then you might as well live in the fear of it every single day and not just when you guys fight.

4. *Thinking of all things that went bad before the blocking*
If the issue is ‘x’ and you start thinking about ‘a, b, c, and d’ you are creating a bigger fight in your head than your partner is currently anticipating. So stick to the core issue if you ever want to resolve this fight.

5. I am going to get super active on Instagram and make them miss me
While your relationship mood shouldn’t dictate your social media habits, it is indeed a great distraction. But what kind of attention are you looking to get on social media? Trying to make your partner jealous or going out more often to rekindle old friendships? There is a huge difference behind the intention of both these actions.

6. *Living in regret but too ashamed to take the first step*
Happens to the best of us. If you have gotten over the fight and wish to resume normalcy, but don’t see your partner taking any steps toward you, then don’t hold yourself back and be the first to break down that wall. You will feel better about yourself in the long run, considering you did your best for the relationship.

I guess getting over a “BREAK” works a little bit better if you have a barbie doll made in your image??? Ha Ha Ha…..