Magnet Fishing Adventures With Cash Warren! ~ CASH {Watch}

What’s the going rate for a shopping cart, kitchen knife, railroad nails, springs, and a ton of fishing lures? Nothing? Awesome!

Ok, so I’ve seen videos of these cats magnet fishing for a while now and thought, “Hey, that looks pretty sweet!” So, I went for it and bought my first fishing magnet. This magnet was one of those for sale videos that pop up on Facebook from time to time. I’m a sucker for impulse buys like that and it never turns out well. I ordered my mom this sweet fan contraption thing from Facebook before Mother’s Day, she still hasn’t received it. Once I realized that there was no telling when I was going to receive my Facebook fishing magnet, I went ahead and grabbed one off of Amazon that showed up a couple of days later.

This past weekend I set out for my first adventure and it didn’t disappoint. Stay tuned for more “Magnet Fishing Adventures with Cash Warren!”