Win a 15-Minute Zoom Date With Keanu Reeves to Benefit Children’s Cancer Charity. ~ CASH {Pic}

Would you pay to Zoom with a celebrity?

On Monday, Keanu Reeves announced that he’s auctioning off a 15-minute Zoom session to benefit “Shine For Camp,” an Idaho-based children’s cancer-fighting non-profit. The current bid is at $16,600 and growing. So, if you have a bunch of one hundred dollar bills hidden in the mattress you could score a nice chat with Keanu. To place a bid, click here.

Every time I go back and look at the auction the price has jumped 10 grand!

Keanu Reeves seems like such a cool guy to talk to about life and staying focused. It’s always seemed that regardless of fame, Keanu is very grounded. So much that he rides the New York Subway. I mean, c’mon, you’ve got to be nuts to ride that thing, right? I’m kidding, I would love to ride the subway.

Happy bidding and party on dudes!