A TikTok User Just Discovered the Purpose of the Scalloped Edge on a Ritz Cracker [VIDEO]

If you’ve spent your whole life believing the ridges on Ritz crackers are just decoration, get ready to have your mind blown!

Those tiny ridges can actually act as a knife to cut the perfect, mini square of cheese for your cracker.

TikToker @therealnobody30 figured out that you can roll the ridges of the circular, lightly salted cracker over a slice of cheese to cut it into a nice cracker-size piece.

Ok, now some detractors say this will only work on a pre-sliced piece of cheese and not a thick wedge. Fair point.

Also, it’s been pointed out that if your cheese is that thin you can probably just tear it half with your fingers. Valid.

Still, don’t ruin our fun!  This is all we have right now folks.


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