UFO Sighting in Miami Proves Aliens Are Coming For Us. ~ CASH {Watch}

The Navy came out a couple of months ago and said, “Yup, ufo’s are real!” Nobody blinked an eye. I see what they did there. Let’s confirm a giant conspiracy during a pandemic. It’s a smart move. But this is nuts!

You know what I’ve said about Florida, it’s a horror movie from the 1960s. Giant snakes and lizards that finds humans to be a fine meal. Crazy alligators and sharks and now ufo’s in Miami. I’m kidding Miami guy or gal, I love Florida. My Dad used to live in Clearwater and my older bro was stationed outside of Melbourne. Still, you would never catch me there. Again, I only kid, I love Florida.

Now, the proof that you’ve been waiting for. Don’t try and tell me it’s something else. Clearly, those are space travelers doing a little observing at what will probably become their new home.