My 11-Piece Adjustable Resistance Band Set Has Arrived, Kind Of…~ CASH {Pic}

Man, I’m a sucker for a good deal!

I’m horrible about buying dumb stuff online from Facebook or eBay or Craigslist, or anywhere else. Back in May, I was Facebook scrolling when I saw this irresistible deal for an 11-piece adjustable resistance band set, and I couldn’t pass it up. With it being a million degrees with a million percent humidity, I thought I could bust a workout in the comfort of my apartment.

A few weeks back I thought I got ripped off and kept monitoring my account to make sure someone wasn’t going to rob me blind. I kept checking the tracking order and it kept updating the status. On Tuesday afternoon, I started thinking about the order again and thought I should check the tracking. To my disbelief, the order said that it had been delivered. Like Ralphy in “The Christmas Story”, I ran to the mail with excitement to find my long lost order.

Better late than never, right? You think this is bad, my poor Mom is still waiting for her Mother’s Day gift to show up. Unbelievable!