What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor May Reveal About You.

Does your ice cream preference say more about you than you think?

A poll of 2,000 Americans, found out that if your favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry, you are more likely to find love at an earlier age.  

The study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Breyers found that fans of strawberry ice cream find love at age 24. That’s a year before vanilla ice cream lovers and two years before chocolate ice cream lovers.

Here’s the full breakdown of flavor findings:

Strawberry ice cream:

  • On average, find love at age 24
  • Like doing laundry
  • Prefer sci-fi movies
  • Listen to jazz

Vanilla ice cream:

  • On average, find love at 25
  • Are introverted
  • Prefer dogs
  • Prefer washing dishes over doing laundry
  • Are night owls

Chocolate ice cream:

  • On average, find love at 26
  • Are extroverted
  • Enjoy romantic comedies
  • Like pop and rock music

So does this change which flavor you think is your favorite now?

Via NYPost.com