Crazy Mother-In-Law Loses It at Her Sons Wedding. ~ CASH {Watch}

When I first saw this video I thought, this has to be a movie or skit from Saturday Night Live or something. Then, I found out that this really happened and the video was initially uploaded on TikTok. The video was quickly taken down, but not before folks could save it and pass it around. And yes, it went viral. For good reason, this is insane!

What’s the part of the wedding when the pastor or priest asks does anyone have any objections about these two lovely kids getting married? Usually, crickets. Who’s going to say something? You may play around and cough and say run at the same time, other than that, silence.

At a recent wedding ceremony, a bride and groom were sharing their vows with each other when the bride pointed out that the groom had flaws. We all do, right? Well, the groom’s momma wasn’t having it. Once she heard the bride mention that her son had flaws, she went off really making it uncomfortable for everyone.

Some other family members said that the relationship between the bride and mother-in-law has always been rocky.