Giant Grizzly Bear Rolls Up and Sits Next To Random Guy Taking Photos. ~ CASH {Watch}

Now I get it. It’s videos like these that lead folks to believe that bears are cute and cuddly. I get it, this giant grizzly bear reminds me of some random guy that approaches you while you’re fishing and asks, “Any luck? How are they biting today?”

I know they say to stay calm if you ever have any kind of animal encounter like this, but I’m telling you, I grew up next to the mountains and still wouldn’t be able to keep my cool if a giant grizzly bear decided to roll up and take a seat next to me.

I used to work at this resort in the mountains in southern New Mexico and Texans would flock to this getaway in the mountains. I was always shocked when a brown bear would roll up and eat out of the garbage cans. Pretty often, I would have to remind guests to stay away because a bear can rip your face off!

Still, they would walk up, come here, boy. Like it’s a dog or something. Thankfully, nothing dumb happened. All the bear wanted to do was eat out of the trash can. Who am I to tell a bear what he can and can’t do.

This is on another level. Then, at the end of the video’s it appears he’s in grizzly bear park. Nuts!