Tyler Farr Made a DIY Redneck Pool For His Backyard That You HAVE to See! {PICS}

Tyler Farr came up with a pretty great way to cool off this summer- with a DIY Redneck Pool!

Tyler shared the video in a spoof of MTV Cribs saying, “First, you’ve gotta have, A: a nice beach chair. That is a state-of-the-art turkey hunting chair/beach chair,” pointing out what looks like a camping chair submerged in the water.

He goes on to explain, “Because COVID, we had to cut back on some costs, so lucky for my wife, we couldn’t do the above ground pool this year. So, this is a horse trough and it works great!”

“You have your knife in case any predators try to attack you while you’re in the pool. You have your sunflowers seeds … well that’s self-explanatory,” Farr points out. There’s also items to keep pesky bugs away, tanning oil, a lighter, a grill and a “shotgun for snapping turtles.”


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Farr originally posted a photo of his DIY pool back in July.

Check it out in comparison to his buddy Jason Aldean’s tropical backyard oasis, which Farr joked is their “favorite local water park.”

Tyler isn’t the first person to think of using a trough for a pool.  DIY Cattle Trough pools went viral earlier this summer so at least he’s on-trend.