Kane Brown Spotted at Virginia Rest Stop {PICS}

Kane Brown was spotted at a rest stop off 1-81 in Virginia Saturday, August 8th.

The travel center, which is located in Raphine, Virginia near Staunton, shared a photo from his visit on Facebook, in which Brown is seen in a mask, throwing up the “hang loose” sign while posing with the sandwich shop’s employee, Angie.

Angie shared the meeting on Facebook saying:

Ok here is my story 😁

Caribou Coffee originally was located beside Subway inside White’s Travel Center. We have a lot of people stop and ask “where is Caribou Coffee” but this time by far has been the best! Kane Brown and his friend stopped at Subway looking for Caribou Coffee. Kane Brown stood back and his friend approached me. As I was telling his friend where Caribou Coffee is now located, I kept looking at Kane Brown thinking ..he looks like Kane Brown! So I said to him “ you look just like Kane Brown” because of course he was wearing a mask so I wasn’t for sure. He just nodded at me! So I said “you are Kane Brown!” He nodded at me again. I did not draw attention to him. I told him that my daughter Hailey loves him and that she has a birthday coming up! I asked him if I could take his picture and get his autograph for her! He said yes! When I started to take his picture, he said “let’s just take a selfie together”! Such a great guy! To respect his privacy and not cause chaos, I waited a couple of hours before I let anyone know that he had been there. But it truly was exciting to meet him!!

So it looks like Kane was actually in search of coffee, not Subway but he did end up signing a Subway sandwich wrapper for her daughter.