Luke Bryan Completes 100 Mile Bike Ride Challenge {WATCH}

Luke Bryan started the day bright and early this morning to take the 100-mile bike ride challenge.

Luke said in a video he posted to Instagram stories, “Good morning everyone coming at you at 5:23 in the morning and I’m going on my first 100-mile bike ride today. Stay tuned for details.”

In a second video he posted to Instagram stories a few hours later, Bryan said, “Twenty-five miles in, one-quarter of the way there…yee haw.”

He checked in two more times to give fans updates when he hit 75 miles and only had 5 miles to go.

This isn’t the first time he has rocked some spandex to take a bike ride. Two years ago he joined Lance Armstrong on a ride in Texas.


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When in Austin might as well ride with Lance. #lightitup

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Good thing Caroline wasn’t on the trail with a horn to get him back for this epic prank.


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Lina gets hit with the train horn. #quarantine #toottoot

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