Nickelback Covered Charlie Daniels “Devil Went Down to Georgia” and It’s Weird. ~ CASH {Listen}

Which rock band are you too embarrassed to say you like? I’ll go first, I love Creed! I really do.

I remember when Nickleback first came out in 2000, they were a hit. I remember listening to “This Is How You Remind Me” in my freshman college dorm room and thinking, this is pretty good. Then, it all went downhill.

Canadian rockers, Nickleback took on the Devil in Charlie Daniels “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Where did it all go wrong for Nickleback?

When did they become the laughing stock in the rock industry? I would’ve loved to see how many folks were planning on going to Veterans to check out Nickleback before COVID came in and canceled everything. I bet you there would’ve been a ton of people there.

What do you think of their latest number? Are you a fan?