24-Year-Old McD’s Burger and Fries Hasn’t Aged A Bit! ~ CASH {Watch}

Anytime someone starts a story about storing McD’s in a shoebox or in a coat pocket, I automatically start thinking, is this person crazy??? Then, I usually confirm my first stance on their mental stance. I’m kidding. But seriously, who stores an McD’s burger and fries in a shoebox? I’m not sure, but it makes for a pretty gnarly science experiment.

That’s what this lady did. She bought the burger back in 1996 and forgot about it? I wonder what made her decide to go look around for it. Do you mean to tell me that she hasn’t moved that shoebox in 24 years? Have they not moved? How is this possible?

The wrapping from 1996 indicates that McD’s was advertising some kind of a Nascar race.

So, the weird thing. One would think that the amount of rotting away would have done away with the burger and fries. Quite the opposite actually. The burger, if you didn’t know, looks a few weeks old. You know, the look you get when you drop a fry under the seat of your car and you finally find it a month later? Yeah, that’s the look I’m talking about. Take a look for yourself!