Crazy Kite Flying Accident Sends 3-Year-Old Flying! ~ CASH {Watch}

And she’s OK!

What just happened here?!?! Remember that kid in Colorado that got caught in that weird balloon and then out of nowhere the kid’s Dad was like, “I made it up, he was never in the balloon.” What a bum, right? This, though, this is terrible!

Can you imagine being the parents of this poor 3-year-old kid who never learned how to let go? Then again, good thing she didn’t let go who knows where she would have landed.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital as soon as they were able to bring her back down and miraculously, she only suffered a few smalls scratches. The little girl was released and is back with her family. According to festival officials, the wind was blowing between 32-35 miles per hour.

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