Giant Grizzly Bear Chases Hikers In Montana. ~ CASH {Watch}

Listen, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have done the same thing. Also, it looks like they have a big enough head start to really get ahead of the man-eating bear.

A human is a fine meal for a bear. I’m kidding, I think??? Ever since I watched DiCaprio in “The Revenant”, it hasn’t been the same for me and bears.

I grew up at the base of the Sacramento Mtns in southern New Mexico and I would see bears, not as big as this bear, but big enough. Thankfully, I never had any encounters with one. Not sure what would’ve happened if I would have, either???

Thankfully, for these hikers, nothing bad happened. The first thing to know when it comes to giant grizzly bears is that you should never run away from them. Stay put and hope for the best.