Chesapeake Cop So Good Looking, Mom Almost Crashes Her Car. ~ CASH {Pic}

What a compliment!

To be told that you’re so good looking that you almost make a woman drive her car off the road. That actually might even be a superhero feature. I mean, c’mon!

Sam Watry was meeting with her daughter’s new teacher when she came across “Officer McDreamy.” That’s what she called him. Come to find out, Sam isn’t the only lady who finds the peace officer the cat’s pajamas. Here’s what she said in her social media post.

Dear City of Chesapeake,

I am very worried about the officers you hire. This gentlemen almost caused me to crash my car while attending my daughter’s teacher meet.
How can you allow someone this handsome to control traffic? Impossible. Because of your neglect, I couldn’t stop looking and almost crashed.

Please do better!!!! Ps. I have an emergency happening at my house right now. Please send him.

Edit: We shall refer to him as Officer McDreamy.

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