Ketchup Candy Canes Have Arrived Just in Time For the Holidays. ~ CASH {Pic}

Ketchup candy canes, huh?

I would like to tell you that I’m surprised, but I really can’t. I used to work with a Canadian. She was real cool. It was amazing to learn about Canada. You would think that with a giant country north of the border, you would know a little bit more about their culture. By the way, it’s completely different than ours. It almost seems like a different planet or something. I would love to go visit one day.

The strange thing about Canada is their love for ketchup. The gal I used to work with would go home for the holidays and always bring back Canadian snacks. One of which was ketchup chips. Yes, you heard right, ketchup chips. Weird, right? They love them! The story isn’t out of Canada, but it’s out of Seattle, which is kind of like Canada.

Would you try ketchup candy canes or ketchup chips? The ketchup chips weren’t horrible, but ketchup candy canes are on another level.


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New candy cane alert! Ketchup Candy Canes available now!!!

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