Are Socially Distant Halloween Egg Hunts the New Trick-or-Treating?

American Carnival Mart, a locally owned novelty supply store in St. Louis, ended up with a surplus of Easter Eggs after the holiday and decided to put it to good use for Halloween.

The company is selling a Halloween Egg Hunt kit that comes with 50 pre-filled eggs and a sign reading: “Find 2 Eggs. If you touch it, take it. Happy hunting.” 

The candy is temperature-stable and peanut-free, and the kit costs $7.99.

“Parents can encourage social distancing, and the eggs can be sanitized before they’re opened at home,” McMichael said. “It seemed like the best way to promote a low-contact holiday while keeping Halloween safe and special.”

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Posted by American Carnival Mart on Thursday, September 17, 2020